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Random thoughts about contributions

The PHP community announced that they will be switching to Git. This lead to some discussion on Twitter, wether it is good to go directly to Github or use as the gateway to ensure control over ACLs. People were argueing that github encourages people to contribute and that the PHP community is stuck in the 90s if they don’t switch completly over to Git:

So my 2 cents:

What really makes people contribute:

  1. A nice and encouraging community
  2. Respect the work of others
  3. Don’t take everything for granted

What doesn’t encourage people:

  1. Continous rants about how to do things or not
  2. Telling people what they do is totally wrong
  3. Not contribute yourself

Open Source Projects are community driven. There is a place for discussion, but note that Open Source Communities are open, so people will come in and start ranting about things. If you are serious about a certain problem and want to solve it, contribute! If you want things to change, contribute! If you want to have your opinion heard, contribute! But do not try to squeeze argumentations in 140 characters and think everyone will follow you, just because it’s you.

Personally I’m getting tired of this, making me either not to contribute anymore (and you guys are stuck with SVN :)) or just ignore people.