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Dealing with Sessions in Compojure

I recently started working with Compojure, a web framework for programming language Clojure. After playing around with basic GET and POST requests I tried to store and load data from a session. As Compojure is quiet new, there is not much documentation how to deal with sessions, particularly as Compojure and it’s API still changes fast.

In the following post I’ll show a brief example on how to create a login page with Compojure 0.3.2 running on Clojure 1.1.0.



I really enjoy giving talks. This is particularly because I like to teach people something and because I’m really enthusiastic about the technical things I talk about. Once of these things are obviously decentralized version control system, in particular Git and Mercurial. Finally after two years of submitting talks to various conferences, people and conferences in the PHP community start to pick up this topic. Seems that 2010 is the year of DVCS, and I’m really looking forward to give a talk about the advanced features of Git at

The talk will give a very brief overview how Git works, and will then give a more detailed insight in how Git handles commits, files, etc so that people get a very good understanding about the concepts that are needed to fully understand tools like git rebase, git reflog and git svn. The aim is to provide them will all necessary information and a few examples to get lost commits back, rebase their branches and design more complex git workflows in the future without needing to search the web or ask a guru.

A second talk will be more focused on beginners and developers coming from subversion. This talk will be part of a series of talks the german telekom is organizing. I’ll also give an extended version of this as an in-house workshop at a Munich based company.

So for me it seems that after five years, DVCS is mature enough to get into companies and that we can expect a bright variety of companies to adopt new tools and workflows. Let’s see what’s coming…

For sure I still offer Git and Mercurial trainings, so feel free to contact me (dsp ~at~ php ~dot~ net)

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Clojure, and it’s not a typo.

Why lisp can be sooooo sweet. A clojure class extending java.

compile it

(set! *compile-path* "build")
(compile 'net.experimentalworks.clojure.outdegree)

Ah yeah and hsv2rgb transformation: