PHP 5.3 BBQ Release Party Munich

We like to invite you to the PHP 5.3 release party which is an event to
celebrate the 5.3 release, happening Friday, the 17th of July in Munich.
The release party offers a chance to come together with other php
enthusiasts and enjoy that php is alive and kicking. And of course people
in favour of a decent barbecue, together with some beer and other drinks
are invited.

The happening will take place at Waldwirtschaft (
beer garden, at any weather. We will meet at 19:00 o’clock – open end.

Catering will be provided and as a special delicacy you may enjoy a suckling pig!…hopefully vegetarian food. If you like to join the event please register at PHPUG-Munich Wiki ( and follow it for updates. Alternatively you may register at Facebook
( as well and follow
this for updates.

For any questions please visit IRC channel: #phprp on

The PHP 5.3. BBQ release party is sponsored by:
– Microsoft
– Mayflower GmbH
– Swoodoo AG
– Zend Technologies GmbH

Supporters for the PHP 5.3 BBQ release party are:
– Sun Microsystems

Posted July 8th, 2009 in Open Source, PHP.

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  1. Munich expat:

    the post is in English, was this only for expats or also for Germans?

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