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IPv6: AAAA records with Plesk the hackish way

Adding IPv6 addresses to a domain is usually quite simple. Instead of an A record, you hast have to add an AAAA record to your database that points to an IPv6 address. If you use a configuration tool like Plesk, adding those records might be a little bit more difficult, as Plesk – at least in the version my hoster uses – doesn’t allow me to add AAAA records. So here is a short tutorial how to add an AAAA record.

Plesk manages the DNS records in a database. We first need a way to insert AAAA records in the database. Luckily if this is done, we are almost finished as the script that generates the zone files, doesn’t do a doublecheck at all.

First of all login as root on your box. Then login to your mysql server using the ‘admin’ user:

# mysql -u admin -p psa

Now alter the table to allow AAAA records:

mysql> alter table dns_recs modify column type enum(‘NS’,’A’,’AAAA’,’CNAME’,’MX’,’PTR’,’TXT’,’SRV’,’master’,’none’) NOT NULL default ‘A’;

Downoad the script from parallels website. You now just need to add an entry to your database using a INSERT statement and then run the dnsupdate. I wrote a extremly hackish and dangerous to use script for that:

echo “INSERT INTO dns_recs (displayHost, host, displayVal, val, type, dns_zone_id) VALUES (‘$1’, ‘$1’, ‘$2’, ‘$2’, ‘AAAA’, 2)” | mysql -u admin -p psa

sh /root/

Notice that I set the dns_zone_id explicitly. You have to check what id your zone has. If you write a more sophisticated script and like to share it, I would be interested.

Don’t forget the trailing dot!

# sh /root/ ‘’ ‘2a01:3332:2324:52aa::2’

Done. Your domain now points to the right IPv6 address.

IPv6: A first overview [UPDATED]

I don’t remember when I heard of IPv6 the first time. Back then I tried to learn it a little bit but it was quite hard to get a working solution. When Benoit told me about a french ISP that provides native IPv6 connectivity, recently, I got attracted again by the technology. This time I spend much more time in understanding how IPv6 works and must admit that I really love the way it works. In IPv6 every machine get an unique IP address, that can be (under some circumstances that I’ll explain later) reached from every point of the world. Therefore it solves my NAT issues, so that I can access every machine in my local network from a remote host (if I would let the remote host through my firewall). As IPv6 allows autoconf, I don’t even have to configure my machines in the network, I just need to route the prefix and and announce the prefix. And: IPv6 is pretty easy to get.

Moving to WordPress

When I started blogging, serendipity was my favorite blog system. It was faster and cleaner to me than WordPress. Also WordPress was known for being a insecure at that time.

Well now after 2 years of blogging I took another look at a WordPress and I must admit that I’m impressed by the clean admin interface and all the nice eye-candy. There are also tons of features that I like to use. So that’s why I decided to finally switch over to WordPress. I hope that my rss redirection will work for most of the people. For sure a lot of links on the web will just link into nowhere, but as I guess most of the links out there are not long-living, I frankly don’t care about that (But I care about the feeds, so give me feedback if you encounter problems).

The most notable change is the design. As I do not have the time to port my selfmade s9y design so far, I stick with a standard theme. Personally, I liked the old one more, but I was told by annoyed people, who had to scroll all the way down to the first article, that the big picture at the beginning wasn’t that good at all.

Seven things

As Johannes tagged me, here are my 7 things:

  1. I leared PHP because I wanted to write a form mailer for a website.
  2. When I was 13 years old, I spend a lot of time on a city network called RivalNet, causing a telephone bill of 600DM. There were no flatrates at that time.
  3. I studied analytical philosophy for 6 months.
  4. I make coffee the old-fashioned way by throwing hot-water through the coffee filter. My favorite sort is Jamaican Blue Mountain
  5. I fear of dogs, seriously.
  6. I started reading “Das Kapital” from Marx when I was 18, but still not finished it. Nevertheless, I still insist to call it a book that I’m currently reading.
  7. My last name is spanish but I don’t speak castilian.

And here are the rules I’m supposed to pass on to the following bloggers:

  • Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post – some random, some weird.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.

And as for chaining, in no particularly significant order: