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I wonder if the concept of amazon whishlists work. Or have you ever got something from your whishlist, because you did something in/for PHP?

Mercurial bookmarks

Please note that this blog post is outdated. please refer to the mercurial help for more information about bookmarks.

A few month ago, Matt Mackall the maintainer of the Mercurial version control system, came up with the idea to implement so called bookmarks for mercurial.

Music Industry: Failed!

I really like to buy CDs. Actually if I hear a few good songs from an album, I usually buy it, but this time it get’s really hard. I want to buy “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies” from Wax Taylor. In fact, it is not available in germany. I mean: WTF. It is a damn good album. Amazon list it but doesn’t really sell it. I want to have this album, but no chance to get it. I want to buy it. Dear ******* music industry: how can I buy my beloved album? No chance? What should I do instead?