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Compiling PHP under OpenSolaris

As I switched my main system recently from Linux to OpenSolaris I compiled PHP. Quiet obvious things are a little bit different on Solaris. The usual ./buildconf && ./configure && make install doesn’t work anymore. The good news: It’s not much harder. Let’s start to get the prequisites:

Zend Con [UPDATE]

So I’m finally at Zend Con, and guess what, got the first problems. Even I’m Zend Certified and a Dev, I’m not allowed to go to the ZCE Meeting as I just have the exhibitor badge. I just wonder why it’s called ZCE Party than if ZCEs are not allowed to attend. Thanks to Cal, I was able to attend, and it was really a great party. Thanks Zend. Nervermind, so I have more time to finally fix some bugs and go to the lobby afterwards.

Speaking at IPC

So following the tradition of announcing the own talks:

I’m going to hold a talk at IPC (end of october) about a particular of database partitioning: sharding and I’m going to Zend Conf, even not holding a talk there. So looking forward to meet people there.