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Hell on earth

Well usually people can deal with windows. It’s not that bad. It’s a good working operating system and people can deal with that. In fact I never thought this happens, but then I had to debug an PHP written application on windows. I was not able to do anything. No grep, no tail (okay I know type and I know find, and that helped me a little bit) and no real bash. Moreover a german keyboard. I never thought this will happen, but for me, that’s hell on earth. I hope someone can help me, it’s the first time I realized, maybe all those people saying I’m kind of nerdy are right. Let’s hope there is help. I have to install windows, and I never thought I need to say this. I have to learn windows, because I’m not anymore familiar with it.

gc-utils v0.0.3 released

Today I released version 0.0.3 of gc-utils. Thanks to Eduardo and Derek which helped me to find bugs and wrote me E-Mails about their user experience. A lot of changes are included. The most notable addition is the gc-multi-commit tool which helps you to see the differences between your repository and the CVS origin branch and let you commit the changes using a simple menu. As usually gc-utils should run on most shells, including the bourne shell, bash, ash and zsh (when it’s invoked as /bin/sh). Since version 0.0.3 the scriptset requires GIT 1.5.x. The debian packages are available here.
Here is a shorted of changes:

  • gc-import: Fetch recent commits by passing the -a flag to git-cvsimport
  • gc-import: Display a warning when trying to do a gc-import on an allready tracked repository
  • gc-update: We have to use the -k switch to avoid noisy changesets
  • gc-multi-commit: Use -c option for gc-commit
  • gc-multi-commit: Use git show instead of git log
  • gc-commit: Use GIT_PATH instead of -w option
  • gc-multi-commit: Exit when -a is given and the git-cherry was executed

gc-utils is licensed under the terms of the MIT/2-Clause BSD license

Inofficial GIT PHP repository – part II

Johannes finally imported the PHP CVS repository into one big GIT repository. This makes working with branches in the PHP repository much easier and you have not to mess around with git-submodules. Thanks a lot for that job.