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Lighttpd and luasockets

A few days ago I got nice task. Jo discovered a nice bug while playing around with memcached, lighttpd and Lua.

When lighttpd got a request it can call a Lua script before the fcgi take over the request. The lua script is able to modify the complete request handling. Jo tried to use this abillity to make a cache decision in lua and therefore save the PHP + FCGI overhead by serving the cache if available. As this approach usually makes sense on high traffic sites, people want to use a distributed caching system like memcached. The cache can be run on a complete other machine and requested over network. To interact with memcached Jo used the Memcache.lua bindings, which are quite similar to other language bindings like the PHP bindings. Unfortunatly when calling Memcached.Connect from lighty, it crashed silently. If you tried to call memcached from the standalone lua interpreter, everything worked fine. So what happend? (more…)


Weiß, schwarz und grün. Ist doch alles immer nur das Gleiche, nur in blau. Aber macht auch nichts, reicht ja um immer munter loszupinseln, und bitte nichts vermischen. Könnte ja hässliche Flecken bilden, oder Bilder, oder was auch immer. Ist ja alles das gleiche, sagte er, dachte ich, meinte Bernhard über die Verstümmelten. Man kann natürlich auch immer den anderen Pinseln, dann sieht man wohl bald aus, wie der Kahlköpfige von nebenan. Fast so, wie bei looser, nur mit weniger Poesie. Macht auch nichts, denn man krankt in tiefer Welt. Fast schon wie bei Faldbakken. Nur ganz ohne Porno und weniger Musik, sonst wäre man ja Wertheimer. Die Nachbarn über uns kennen das auch. Wie ein Sommerwiese, fast genauso langweilig.

vcap porting

I used 24C3 to do some work on vcap. I started porting the source to BSD as I want to continue working on my FreeBSD machine. Thanks to the support of the BSD TCP stack in Linux I was able to port it very fast. Just some adjustments of the includes and settings a few constant it compiled well on BSD. I also added IPv6 support as 24C3 was a perfect network to do some realtime testings on that.

Well sadly I still have some various crashes based on race conditions during startup. I didnot have the time yet to fix that, but next time I take
hands on vcap, that will be fixed.

What is vcap?
Vcap captures ethernet packages like tcpdump or wireshark and displays statistik about them using modern visualization techniques. At the moment the statstics are drawn using a sunburst algorithm. It aims to give you a much fast overview about the network statstiks than tcpdump or netstat or something similiar does. It’s GTK based. Vcap is not yet stable and it is known that it has some issues that causes vcap to fault. But work goes on.

Inofficial PHP GIT repositories – Importing large trees

A few month ago Johannes Schlüter and I started discussing about GIT and other decentralized version control systems. During our exploration of GIT we thought about importing the PHP CVS tree into git. A few weeks later and a lot of wasted cpu time, we finally managed to provide an inofficial GIT mirror of the PHP CVS repository. It’s provided by Johannes Schlüter and mirrored by me.