Archive for October, 2007

GIT Cloning of branches

GIT is pretty powerful. I use it on a daily base at the moment. Furthermore I watch the mailinglist. Therefore I discovered a simple workflow that is not yet implemented nicely in GIT: cloning of a particular branches.

I wanted to clone the cvs-imported PHP_5_3 branch of PHP, which is provided by Johannes Schl├╝ter. But at the moment git-clone just supports cloning of complete repositories. So I asked myself how do clone just a certain branch. At the same time somebody came up with a similar issue at the git mailinglist. Linus came up with a simple batch of commands (git-remote, etc) to be executed to get the result.

I finally decided to write a small script which does this job, supporting multiple branches to be cloned from a certain repository. (more…)

getopt and longopts in PHP 5.3+

In the upcoming PHP 5.3+, the getopt() function will finally be available on Windows systems. Furthermore getopt() will support longopts on every system. To support this feature we moved the generic getopt function used by the PHP cli/cgi interpreter itself to main/ and recode getopt() to use this function.

Thanks for Jani to review and commit my patch.