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HTML_Template_IT – Generation 2

Due to some requests, I’m going to develop a PHP5 version if HTML_Template_IT. Therefore I need your feedback. Drop me a few lines (dsp AT php DOT net) what do you like about HTML_Template_IT, what you dislike. And for sure, write me your ideas about the upcoming version. What do you want to see in IT2?


But don’t forget the aim of the project, IT2 should:

  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • API compatible to HTML_Template_IT
  • Fast

Therefore I won’t implement caching like HTML_Template_Sigma does nor won’t I implement complex control structures like Smarty does.
At the moment I write the the initial code. I will drop a few deprecated things from HTML_Template_IT, but I try to support nearly 100% API compatibility.


As a new feature, there will be a setter/getter structure for attributes and blocks. I discovered this idea seeing jTemplate by Johannes Schlueter.
$html->BLOCKNAME->VAR = ‘Hello’;
$html->BLOCKNAME->parse();[/php] Another idea for the extended version of IT – IT[X] – will be local settings for each block like:


But thats at the moment just an idea. Another goal is for sure a speedup. My initial code is approx. 20% faster then the old code.

Roadmap / The old version

I hope to get the first version if HTML_Template_IT2 done until november. The PHP4 version – HTML_Template_IT – will therefore only be maintained until end of this year. From 01.01.2008 on, with the end of life for PHP4, I will stop working on the old version. If you want to maintain the old branch from then, please contact me.

You can get the current status of HTML_Template_IT2 from my git repository and I encourage you to send patches if you have good ideas.

Welcome on board Thorsten Rinne

Thorsten Rinne, developer of phpMyFAQ, is now part a developer of HTML_Template_IT.

Thorsten joined me to prepare a new PHP5 Strict compatible version of IT[X]. I’m looking forward to work with him and start preparing a slightly modified API and requesting for comments, hopefully this month.