iTunes Remote Control

I was looking for an iTunes Remote Control to control my iTunes thats running on my Mac from my Linux desktop. As I don’t find a nice solution on (In fact there are several projects target on that issue, but no release and often there was just an initial commit) I wrote a simple commandline tool myself in PHP. It’s just a wrapper for the osascript command to execute AppleScript.
I can now connect to my Mac using SSH and then start the iTunesControl Script in an interactive mode and play next or previous song or something like that. As the tool is just a hack written in a few hours it features some geeky commands. If you want to give it a try you can download the script. You need PHP 4.x (normally installed on Mac OSX). Of course it’s BSD licensed. If you enhance the tool, I would appreciate if you send me a mail with your changes. You found the mail addresse in the header of the script.

Posted December 30th, 2006 in Open Source, PHP, Private.

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