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Viele wurde gesagt, oft wurde gestritten über PECL, PEAR und deren Platz in der PHP Community. Für die einen ist PECL nur einen Anhäufung sinnloser und schlechter Extensions, andere sehen jedoch gerade im PECL Projekt eine wichtige Innovationsquelle, denn vieles was einst in PECL war ist nun in der PHP-Core. (more…)

Random Stuff

I really like apps working with random mechanism like this image:

Random Image


I really like the idea of chinstraps planet-php system, which fetchs rss feeds from different blogs and display them. This accumulation replaces my daily 20 click and read


IT[X] was always my favorite template engine. It’s fast and has a simple API good enough for most of the use cases. I use it quite a lot and so I was pleased as Pierre asked me to help him with the IT[X] development on PEAR since he was the only developer and he is busy with other PEAR related stuff. (more…)

About Open Source and Business

Look around on your computer and in your company. How many open source tools are you using, that you take for granted, that you expect to do their job? None? You would be the first person, I guess. And then you are afraid of commiting your little script to the world and make it open source? Sorry, but that is just egostic. Ok, the business is egostic nowadays, but the real question is: Are you saving money?

Finally done. My blog is online using the new domain
I use serendipity blog software but the template, photos and images were made by me and obviously it’s inspired by the layout I made a few month ago. I think about creating a template package and submit it to but it takes time to rewrite the hacks I’m using to display stuff.